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Frequently Asked Questions

Twig City Farm is a small, wooded, agricultural property engaging in agricultural and agri-tourism activities.

We are located in Laguardo, Tennessee.

Owner Jay Wilfong bought the property in 2015 and began his labor of love which he named Twig City Farm, in honor of his birthplace of Willow Branch, Indiana.

We cut and mill timber from the property for sale as rough cut wood, and we design and build very cool things out of rough sawed wood ranging from tiny houses, end tables, shelves, coffee tables and decorative trim for tiny houses and other building projects!

Yes. I showcase my products in several tiny houses on the Twig City Farm, which are available for overnight stays, booked exclusively through Airbnb.

Yes, by appointment I also offer free walk through tours of my wood, wood products, tiny houses and property.

My tiny houses are presently booked exclusively on Please go to that site and search Laguardo, Tennessee under the names of the tiny houses. The names are Limerence, Sedona, Wood Shed, Backstage and Watertree. Overnight stays are usually in the $75 range.

Yes! Each tiny house is one of a kind and we are happy to design, build and deliver one to your location.

No, they are all very reasonably and competitively priced. The average tiny house we build is about 200 square feet and costs between $20,000 to $25,000.

Yes, to a certain degree. You can choose interiors and exterior woods, colors, windows, etc. We can also arrange the floorplan to suit your taste and needs.

The waiting period is between 8 to 16 weeks.

The Impossible Forrest is the wooded area of Twig City where there is every known species of trees indigenous to Tennessee, all growing out of rock! Impossible!


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