Terms & Conditions

First of all, think Family Friendly. Here are a few key HOUSE RULES:

1. NO SMOKING INSIDE!Β Also, please do not throw cig butts on the ground. If you smoke inside you will be charged a $150 fee which will be enforced by Airbnb.

2. PETS & CHILDREN. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED BY PARENTS OR GUARDIANS AT ALL TIMES. ALSO – Pets cannot run loose on the property. Please clean up after them and dispose of them properly. ALSO, EACH PET NEEDS TO BE REGISTERED AS A GUEST, EITHER AS A CHILD OR ADULT. If you need to add your pets after booking please go to the Airbnb website, log into your account and go to messages. You will find a “Change Reservation” link and
follow the prompts.

3. Insurance does not allow me to furnish wood or charcoal for free. You are welcome to use firewood that has fallen from trees on the property or you can purchase firewood at almost all Tennessee grocery stores and gas stations. WE ALSO SELL FIREWOOD.

4. I strongly suggest you bring bug spray and sunscreen.

5. Respect your fellow guests. QUIET TIME STARTS AT 10 PM AND INCLUDES TVS IN ROOMS BEING LEFT ON ALL NIGHT. Loud, unruly, impaired/obnoxious guests will be escorted from the property without a refund. NOT party central……. Only registered guests are allowed on the property. If you have a reservation and invite unregistered friends to come over and “hang out” your reservation will be canceled without a refund.

6. Family Friendly and proper attire, please. No shirt, no shoes, no service policy enforced. ALCOHOLIC DRINKS MUST BE IN KOOZIES WHEN IN PUBLIC VIEW PLEASE OR CONCEALED IN SOME REASONABLE MANNER.

7. Due to the “nature of the beast” I cannot refund charges due to weather.

8. IF YOU ARE CAMPING IN ONE OF THE A-FRAMES, REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE BOOKING A CABIN. PLEASE DON’T EXPECT IT TO BE SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT IT IS. YOUR A-FRAME GLAMPER is equipped with a small window AC unit a wood-burning stove and a ceiling fan. Please exercise care in its use. Also, you are encouraged to bring extra clothing and blankets, sleeping bags, electric blankets, and anything else that will add to your comfort if needed. (DO NOT BRING ADDITIONAL ELECTRIC HEATERS OR YOU WILL TRIP THE CIRCUIT BREAKERS.)

9. EVENTS. Events are subject to cancellation or postponement due to weather or other reasons and we cannot guarantee they will go on as
planned. In that event, we will adjust your charges in a reasonable manner upon your request.

10. LOST KEYS. You agree to pay $50 through Airbnb in the event you lose or do not leave the key in the doorknob when you check out. This fee is to reimburse us for rekeying the door lock(s).

Jay Wilfong

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